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what is raw honey?


Why raw?

Raw honey has been around since the existence of bees and people have been eating raw honey since the existence of humans.


What are the benefits of raw honey?

Raw honey has antibacterial properties. Raw honey has a lower GI value, which means it does not increase your blood sugar as fast as sugar.Rich in antioxidants that have been linked to reducing heart attacks and improve heart health. Can help alleviate seasonal allergies. Great alternative to sweets especially for people with diabetes.

Fun fact, bees actually make more honey than their colony needs therefore it is necessary for beekeepers to harvest the excess.


Best ways you can help bees

  • Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden.
  • Don’t use pesticides to treat your lawn or garden during bloom season.
  • Bees get thirsty too! Put shallow freshwater with rocks so bees can land and drink water.
  • Support your local beekeepers.
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    About our farm

    Buck County We have created a little ecosystem of our own. We have lavender that helps the pollination of bees and increases corp pdocution.